ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H): The integrated hospital planning software for SAP® environments

Software for Hospital Planning

Clever multi-resource planning add-on to upgrade existing SAP®/Cerner® hospital information systems

ORS-H is suitable for healthcare institutions that use SAP® for Healthcare or Cerner i.s.h.med® as their central hospital information system (HIS). Thus, the infrastructure and data of the existing SAP system can be utilized to operate the ORSOFT software solution. The software allows

      • patient managers to see conflicts based on the data in SAP® for Healthcare and Cerner i.s.h.med® and resolve them after only a few days of introduction,
      • to carry out simulations very quickly to underline consequences of process and capacity changes and their effects on the ROI

Clear objectives through the implementation of the hospital planning software

  • Shorter throughput times
  • Easier handling of SAP systems
  • More reliable statements to patients
  • Less organisational efforts
  • Smoothing of workload
  • Avoiding overtime hours

Strategic decision support through the simulation of master and transaction data

The simulation of criteria such as personnel, working time or process changes help to take sustainable (investment) decisions. ORS-H is able to map the complex, networked processes and enables all necessary simulations.

Central tools of ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H) for software-supported hospital planning

Bed management software for hospitals

In addition to in-house bed planning, ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H) allows to plan and control admissions across several facilities. Thus, data from the respective facilities are combined, processed and visualised.

Digital hospital patient management system

The software-supported central patient management has the task of planning and controlling inpatient admissions, surgery & special consultations appointments. With ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H), multi-resource planning for outpatient and inpatient measures is run even before the patient is admitted to the hospital. Numerous intelligent (simulation) tools are available for this purpose. The patient manager is always informed about conflicts, for example emergencies, delays and new measures in the progress of treatment.

Appointment management and scheduling for clinics

Mit ORSOFT for Healthcare ist es möglich, die Patiententermine verschiedener Sprechstunden einer Ambulanz oder Leistungsstelle zu koordinieren. Dabei kann auch die Arztverfügbarkeit berücksichtigt werden.

Operating theater (OT) management

Operations can be planned and their status visualised. Changes are immediately written back to SAP® for Healthcare and Cerner i.s.h.med®. Feedback of surgery times is permanently updated and delays to the plan are made available.

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