Bed management software for hospitals

Software für Belegungs- & Bettenmanagement

Central hospital bed management with ORSOFT: Much more than a “hotel software” can accomplish

When selecting an appropriate bed for a patient, various criteria should be considered and balanced, including

  • current bed occupancy
  • necessary choice of the hospital ward (special ward vs. interdisciplinary ward) and specific bed characteristics
  • requirements for room occupancy (multi-bed vs. single-bed rooms)
  • contractual & health insurance aspects of the patients.

ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H): The bed management software for hospitals

In addition to an overview of the current bed occupancy, ORSOFT ORS-H) for central hospital bed management offers various planning and search algorithms to find a suitable hospital room in a quick and easy way. The overall objective is to

  • provide as much reliable as possible information to the patients to be accommodated
  • transfer patients as little as possible and
  • keep an eye on all further appointments of the patient.


ORSOFT for Healthcare: Bed management exclusively on SAP® data basis

ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H) only process master data as maintained in SAP® for Healthcare. Duplicate maintenance of hospital wards, rooms and beds is thus not necessary. The real bed occupancy is as much considered as reservations for stationary admission. Each bed occupancy can first be simulated locally and then written back to SAP, if necessary as a combined mass action.

Meeting the complex needs of bed management

ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H): Bed management software to plan across multiple hospital sites

Software for Hospital Planning
  • Overview of current and future bed occupancy,
  • Finding free bed capacities at a specific date or for a specific period of time,
  • Automatic creation of a case consisting of a planned hospital admission and discharge with bed assignment,
  • Creation of a patient transfers,
  • Dispositive extension or shortening of a patient’s berthing times,
  • Compliance with admission quotas, but also the optional overbooking of rooms and beds,
  • Consideration of accompanying persons
  • Managing room/bed characteristics such as infectiousness and locks,
  • Alerts for multiple bed occupancy, mixed-sex occupancy, exceeded planned discharges, …,
  • Overview of how the currently planned patient’s berthing times fall short of the minimum length of stay for a DRG service
Software for Hospital Planning

ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H) allows for cross-locational planning

Cross-locational bed management in larger hospitals or hospital networks enables bed managers to find free capacities in suitable wards in associated institutions. This allows waiting lists to be levelled, and patients – those who are willing to accept alternative equivalent hospitals – can be passed on more quickly.

The importance of occupancy planning across all locations is increasing as it allows to
  • balance the occupancy rates of the individual location,
  • avoid patient losses due to excessively long waiting times,
  • increase adherence to scheduled appointments to meet waiting lists,
  • increase satisfaction through clear and reliable information to patients and
  • improve planning transparency.

ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H) guarantees a capacity-proofed cross-locational planning and its key data-saving (such as admission, planned discharge, etc.) in all leading hospital systems. Capacity conflicts are avoided and alternative proposals might be generated by the system in the case of bottlenecks.

Fast and agile where it is definitely needed: Prepared to manage bed capacities in central emergency departments

  • reduced workload and efforts for information acquisition for medical staff
  • Quick overview of free/vacant bed capacities from SAP ERP and quick assignment of emergency patients by drag & drop
  • Information on the number of entrants and exits in the respective hospital wards in order to obtain indications for a fair distribution
  • Simple case type changes from outpatient to inpatient
  • Easy data interaction with the central SAP IS-H

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