Hospital patient management software for SAP® environments

Software für Patienten- & digitales Aufnahmemanagement

ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H): The planning software for patient managers in hospitals

Efficient care management – hence working like a clockwork – is gaining importance as quality criterion in hospitals. The creation of a central patient management system is thus an obvious step. Its according tasks: planning and control of inpatient admissions as well as surgery and special consultations appointments.

Patient management system software

ORSOFT for Healthcare allow patient managers to

Software for Hospital Planning
  • Re-create and schedule patient pathways by treatment pattern,
  • add and schedule patient pathways by treatment pattern,
  • postpone, extend or shorten individual steps,
  • assign and, if necessary, schedule individual services for the patient,
  • obtain an overview of his patients’ pathways with regard to the chronological order of appointments and inpatient stays
  • maintain further information on the case or the clinical order.
Software for Hospital Planning

Digital patient management provides intelligent (simulation) tools for scheduling treatment interventions

  • Utilisation of relationships between treatment steps according to treatment patterns,
  • Different scheduling options,
  • Jump to calendar to find a suitable appointment,
  • Postponing individual appointments in the view or in the calendar through drag & drop.

All changes can first be simulated locally. The data transfer is triggered at your fingertips, i.e. the corresponding data is created or changed in the leading SAP system. From this moment on, all other users also become aware of the changes.

Hospital patient management software for hospitals

ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H) allows for multi-resource planning for outpatient and inpatient measures even before the patient is admitted to hospital.

Patient management system software: Planning an efficient patient flow in the course of admission management

The central element of patient management of elective patients is admission management. As a result of this, the treatment is planned as completely as possible even before the patient is actually admitted. This means that when an appointment is made for an operation or therapy, all relevant steps such as necessary preliminary examinations, the inpatient stay, post-operative measures and discharge are already planned.

Objectives of digital patient management in hospitals

Targeted communication

Making reliable statements about the type and duration of hospitalisation even before admission

Logistical optimisation

Dovetailing outpatient with inpatient treatments

Focus on staff & patients

Avoiding overloading of service facilities

Efficient scheduling

Achieving short throughput times and reducing waiting times

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