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ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench

To date, the planning levels of Supply Chain Management (SCM) are separately and often hierarchically organized regarding concept, personnel and software technology. Business processes define the transitions and response between levels of rough-cut strategic planning and detailed operational planning. This separation leads to deficits in accuracy, reliability, flexibility, responsiveness and fulfillment of strategic goals.

With ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench, all planning levels are based on the operative data model – data is processed entirely within RAM. Planning data and key figures, relevant for strategical decisions, can be modified and aggregated at runtime via cockpits and views designed especially for this purpose.

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench enables feasible planning at any time instead of the previously usual sales and operations planning (SOP) in fixed cycles. This in-memory solution provides reliable planning results in a very short response time (real time), which allows interactive, simulation-based planning processes, contrary to existing batch-oriented processes.

Sales and Operations Planning
Sales and Operations Planning