Strategical Planning in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Strategic planning is of central importance in the pharmaceutical industry. The aim is to ensure 100% supply capability of the manufactured pharmaceuticals and products in the long term, thereby making a significant contribution to patient care. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to determine long-term requirements precisely and to carry out capacity planning based on this. Particularly in the case of larger companies in the sector, this planning takes place in a global production network. Long-term capacity planning is an essential building block for sound corporate financial planning.

The planning horizon is usually two up to five years into the future. Investment decisions in new production facilities require planning up to ten years in advance. During this period, a large proportion of the planned products are still in the development and testing or approval process, which means that no fully qualified master data is available for planning. To solve this task, master data can be simulated and allow a predictive view. In combination with the appropriate planning tool, this enables precise statements to be made in the result, the times for necessary investments to be determined exactly and leads to significant savings.

In this planning, ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench, as a fully comprehensive supply chain planning system, can show its strengths in that it can map the planning process in its entirety, from sales planning to capacity planning combined with maintenance planning, including strategic simulation and network planning. The Inventory Optimization module ensures optimal inventories and delivery sizes. Detailed planning is integrated on the basis of the Digital Supply Chain Twin, which is continuously updated from SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA.