External Manufacturing is becoming increasingly important in the age of Industry 4.0. Due to the focus of activities and resources on the own core business, not all processing steps in production are carried out in the own company. In the last 10 years alone, the share of production with external manufacturing partners has doubled. This is due to cost and efficiency restrictions in connection with the need to cover capacity bottlenecks or processes outside the technological core competence and to ensure efficient production.

Managing these processes and procedures presents companies with numerous challenges in administration, planning and control. ORSOFT Subcontracting is the ideal partner here. It guarantees comprehensive support for all processes involved in subcontracting and/or external production. Like SAP, ORSOFT Subcontracting differentiates between external processing in the sense of an extended workbench and subcontracting in the processing of external work in production.

ORSOFT Subcontracting

On the one hand, the module provides simulative support for Subcontracting. Planning is simplified by the creation of requirements for materials provided for bill of material components and the clear mapping of all purchasing processes with provision of materials.

On the other hand, simulated external processes from External Processing are taken into account, optionally also components provided by the customer, so that the entire production process can be viewed transparently in one overview. This makes the administration and control of the processes much easier.

The interaction of Subcontracting and External Processing is also ideally illustrated and supported by the contribution of components.

ORSOFT Subcontracting provides planners with all the information they need at a glance in order to control wage and/or external production, to be able to react early to capacity bottlenecks in their own production and to outsource in-house production to the extended workbench (external production) in a simulated manner.