ORSOFT for Healthcare is the embodiment of a long proven "Advanced Planning and Scheduling" system for the healthcare industry. ORSOFT GmbH was founded in 1990 from university roots and has many successful references in the industry.

ORSOFT for Healthcare complements SAP for Healthcare and connected clinical systems. This is made possible for the patient manager and the service providers in the hospital:

Creating transparency

It is already apparent at the time of admission whether there is a bottleneck in the nursing ward. All those involved have the information at an early stage and can take appropriate measures.

Simulations are made possible

70% of operations are elective. The patient manager or surgery manager can therefore select and change the combination of treatments for the next few days in such a way that no bottleneck resources (CT scan, intensive care, blood, surgeons, ...) are infringed and the patient's length of stay is minimized.

Cooperation is encouraged

Since the system immediately shows the consequences and effects of decisions on other departments, the best compromise can be found early on.

Work becomes easier

Sophisticated and proven mathematical methods (optimizers and heuristics) support the employee in the accomplishment of complex planning tasks, for example in rehabilitation therapy planning.
The core of the planning is the patient path, which is created from a template. A template describes the standard procedure related to a clinical picture. For the beginning, only a few pieces of information are sufficient (duration of bed occupancy and duration of surgery).

ORSOFT for Healthcare
ORSOFT for Healthcare