Transparency in SCM and Production Planning

  • Identification of the best (most profitable) planning through quick simulations in temporary local RAM databases
  • Decision support through automatic planning algorithms and optimization procedures
  • Improvement of planning accuracy by using the detailed planning model for all planning levels
  • Simultaneous planning of materials and capacities
  • Better overview and transparency, also across departments, plants and companies

Transparency in SCM and Production Planning
Transparency in SCM and Production Planning


Certified Add-On to SAP ERP

  • 100% integrated into SAP ERP
  • Use of existing SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA data, the SAP authorization concept and the same nomenclature
  • No additional infrastructure or modifications in SAP ERP
  • Easy to administer software and interface
  • Fully maintained extension to SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA (no individual programming)


Fast Piloting of Customer Data

  • Minimization of project risk by piloting based on customer data
  • Fast and gradual introduction without big bang with high ROI from the beginning
  • Short project terms
  • Standardized project implementation
  • If implemented as rich clients, then no additional hardware is required
  • Strong solidarization of the later user due to high user friendliness and use from the start


Standard and Individualization

  • Affordable due to powerful standard functionality
  • High-performance response behavior due to local RAM database
  • Continual planning without system ends due to uniform detailed planning model for all planning levels
  • Simple adjustment to user requirements through configuration
  • Planning in accordance with strategic goals through powerful algorithms
  • Optimal decisions thanks to simulation ability
  • Choose interactive or short planning runs