Ward Management

Ward management is one of the most important components of hospital management. If SAP for Healthcare / Cerner i.s.h.med is used, the following process must be mapped:

  • Starting from a central / interdisciplinary bed allocation planning, the rooms and beds must be provided and, if necessary, specially equipped.
  • Based on the coding of patients (DRG), attention must be paid to ensure that the lengths of stay are adhered to and, if necessary, that the patient is re-coded in time.
  • Patients must be prepared in time for upcoming measures and operations and must be prepared for transport.

For a better solution to this task, the software and consulting company ORSOFT GmbH offers the product ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H) as a supplement to SAP for Healthcare and Cerner i.s.h.med.


ORS-H provides the following elements to support the logistic processes on the station:

  • Recording lists for the respective day with any special features.
  • Indication of the length of stay over the bed allocation bar (red coloring when action is required).
  • Calendar / lists of planned procedures and surgerys for all patients on the ward on the respective day.

A special version for the role of the ward manager includes the use of a touch screen. One of the advantages is that only a few steps are required for extensions of stay and transfers, resulting in time savings. Mobile devices (Apple iPad, Tablet PCs) can also be used for this purpose.


The IT technical advantages of ORS-H are that

  • SAP for Healthcare is used as a server,
  • only data from SAP for Healthcare and Cerner i.s.h.med. are used.

This makes it possible to use the product immediately after importing a transport order into SAP for Healthcare and installing the solution on the user's workstation. No additional infrastructure is required, the existing SAP authorization concept can be used and the existing processes are not disturbed.

The use of ORS-H as a supplement for other hospital information systems is possible, but requires a separate plug-in and a higher implementation effort.