Webinar | Digitization of detailed planning: Which added values you should consider in your business cases


Martin Kohl will present the essential added value of a detailed planning solution and will focus in particular on specifics for automotive suppliers.

We cordially invite you to the
Webinar „Digitalisierung der Feinplanung: Welche Mehrwerte für Automobilzulieferer Sie in Ihren Business Cases berücksichtigen sollten“
on Tuesday, 07 September 2021, 2-3 p.m. CEST.

► But employees from other industries will also benefit from attending the webinar!

Because the second part is dedicated to estimating the expected ROI when introducing a detailed planning solution across all industries.

For this purpose, participants can fill out a parameter set in advance. One of these data sets will be gone through anonymously in the webinar and evaluated with possible quantitative added values. The result can be used, for example, to request budgets for upcoming business periods.
With the registration confirmation for the webinar you will receive the link to fill in the parameter set.

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