Working collaboratively and module-independent with SAP ERP


ORSOFT presents a process supporting solution for collaborative and module-independent work with SAP ERP at DSAG annual conference

As a partner of SAP AG with ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench as a SAP-endorsed business solution, ORSOFT took part in the SAP partner’s exhibition at the DSAG annual conference in Leipzig in October 2014. ORSOFT presented a workflow-based solution, which provides simplification, controlling and valuation of SAP ERP processes.

Usually, when implementing workflows in SAP ERP, users have to work through several transactions across multiple different modules in a certain sequence. With SAP Business Workflow (BC-BMT-WFM) and SAP Workflow Builder in particular SAP already provides powerful on-board tools. However, those tools represent an integration level “above” standard business functions and solely make use of existing transactions, function components and reports. Typically, data entries are spread over a set of several transactions. ORSOFT Workflow provides a broad-based approach, if there is the need to comprehensively collect and process data, where entries are typically made in separate transactions. Data selections can be defined arbitrarily across several modules. While new entries are made, it is possible to display relevant existing data, in order to decide correctly. Another feature is to define simulated objects that store their data outside the original SAP objects, but remain in similar structures within the ORSOFT namespace at the SAP ERP system’s database. This approach helps to avoid waste data, particularly in processes with a high cancellation rate. ORSOFT Workflow operates in compliance with the SAP authorization concept.