Based on ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench, ORSOFT offers an industry solution for automotive suppliers. This solution is a functional enhancement to the SAP Module PP for SAP R/3 and SAP ERP accordingly. Additionally, information from other modules (SAP PS, PM, MM, SD etc.) can be utilized.

All data regarding manufacturing are displayed in a coherent manner. Capacities, materials, utilities, molding tools and personnel are scheduled simultaneously; maintenance measures are taken into account; demands and productions can be smoothed.

A situation´s shortcomings are indicated by an extensive alert system. Users can quickly resolve conflicts that occur either with the help of optimization algorithms or via manual interaction. The simulation mode based on SAP ERP object copies allows several "what if" scenarios to be determined and the most suitable solution to be idnetified.

With this solution technological features can be considered, such as:

  • alternative workstations,
  • dynamic calculation of setup time for parent-child relationships on a machine,
  • use of disposition buffers between operations,
  • consideration of time restrictions in the processing of semi-finished products (durability),
  • examination of mold availability.

As production in the automotive industry has a very large vertical range and a vast variety of tasks to be processed, the following features are very useful:

  • calculation of personnel capacity requirement,
  • multistage availability check for production and customer orders (ATP),
  • monitoring functions for stocks (values and quantities),
  • missing parts lists.