Supply chain management software for use in the textile industry

Planning solutions for textile industry

ORSOFT provides scheduling solutions for the textile industry as an add-on to SAP ERP, SAP AFS and SoftM Suite with a focus on optimum personnel planning and resource allocation in the dyeing process.

Personnel Planning and Resource Allocation

Handcrafted textile manufacturing requires capacity scheduling for seasonal varying goods, where personnel qualification and training efforts have to be considered in particular. Optimizing personnel and resource allocation contributes to meeting delivery dates while maintaining flexibility with a steadily varying assortment.

Textil Farben

Optimum Resource Allocation in Dyeworks

Referring to a specific application scenario, the dyeing process for textiles of different sizes and characteristics has to be planned with the most effective resource allocation, considering adherence to delivery dates. Thus, a wide range of variations with a large number of different batch sizes arises. Calculating a feasible planning solution is based on the consideration of different colors and color changes, qualities, production versions, sizes, weight and raw materials. The resulting amount of feasible solutions pushes the management limits of any conventional ERP system, representing the significance of this sophisticated task.

With focus on the optimum allocation of orders to dyeing facilities, ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench generates a planning result, considering any constraints active and variable at runtime. Cockpits, browsers and views contain clear representations of the outcome and allow users to track the results down to a very detailed level in an intuitive manner.

Planning personnel is given the opportunity to create several planning versions (simulated) and to modify automatic planning results, depending on the production preferences. Especially if single orders have to be prioritized but do not utilize the facilities to full capacity, adjustments are required. In practice, planning personnel is authorized to modify production recipes, so that “similar” orders can be pooled.
ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench follows this principle. A similarity-concept with defined parameters and adapted scheduling algorithms covers such scenarios appropriately.

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