Maintenance planning and scheduling in line with production planning

In the interest of customer satisfaction: optimum availability and a perfect condition of the production facilities at all times

Due to the increasing complexity of plants (including their automation) and the introduction of process control systems, maintenance has often developed independently alongside production, causing conflicts from time to time. However, these are of no interest to the customer at all. The only thing that counts for him: on-time deliveries while maintaining the highest quality. The planning of maintenance activities should always be in line with advanced planning & scheduling (detailed production planning).

SAP® add-on for simultaneous planning of production and maintenance

The efficient use of resources is the most essential aspect for companies, no matter whether a resource is an aircraft or a production line. The entire planning depends on its availability. Of course, both production and maintenance planning occupy the same resources. Thus, resulting occupancy conflicts should be planned in line.

Simultaneous planning of production and maintenance

  • Integration of, among other things, data from the SAP® ERP module Maintenance (SAP® PM Integration) in line with the ORSOFT MWB data model
  • Integration of maintenance planning into the ongoing production planning

Advantages through simultaneous maintenance and production planning

  • Increase overall plant productivity while ensuring a high product quality
  • Graphical planning board with flexible data browsers
  • Maintenance control: Easy creation and rescheduling of maintenance orders in the Gantt Chart
  • Utilizing planning algorithms for maintenance orders
  • One data pool – different interpretations and visualisations

Capabilities and functionalities of the SAP® add-on

  • Integrated total view of plant occupancy and utilisation including current/planned maintenance
  • Schedule and capacity check on available personnel resources
  • Checking maintenance scheduling for material and equipment availability (availabe to promise)
  • Automated creation of maintenance orders from external sources (e.g. Excel) if required

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