External manufacturing and processing: more production efficiency through collaborative outsourcing strategies

External manufacturing and processing: more production efficiency through collaborative outsourcing strategies

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench (MWB): Software-optimised management of sub-contracting processes

External manufacturing is becoming increasingly important in the era of Industry 4.0. As the nature of external production, production processes are very much focussed on one’s own core business and competencies. Other production steps are collaboratively outsourced to external manufacturing partners, thus covering capacity and know-how bottlenecks to ensure an overall efficient production.

ORSOFT Subcontracting: The ultimate software tool for controlling, administering, planning and monitoring of external manufacturing processes

ORSOFT Subcontracting guarantees comprehensive support for all processes involved in subcontracting and/or external processing. External processing describes the function as an “extended workbench” and thus the handling of defined processing steps. It applies the prerequisites for external production and subcontracting known from the SAP environment.

Bi-functional approach to external production planning with ORSOFT Subcontracting

Simulation of subcontracting processes

Creation of provision requirements for BOM (bill of material) components and the clear mapping of all purchasing processes in relation with material provision

Simulation of operations from external processing

Clear and transparent administration, control and presentation of the entire production process including provisions

Advantages of ORSOFT subcontracting in the management of external manufacturing and processing

  • Controlling of purchasing processes with material provision
  • Modelling of supplier provision stocks
  • Correct offsetting of all types of material provision requirements against inventory
  • Simulative outsourcing of in-house production to external production in order to react to capacity bottlenecks
  • Automatic generation of requirements for material provided when creating purchase requisitions of the subcontracting type and vice versa
  • Observance of availability checks (available to promise) and pre-product planning

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