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Advanced Planning & Scheduling

APS software for optimised production scheduling under SAP® ECC or S/4HANA

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench is an advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) system designed as an add-on to SAP® ERP (SAP ECC or S/4HANA). The APS software extends your existing SAP® with interactive planning functions and solutions for SCM business processes without the need to introduce complex additional IT infrastructures and parallel data systems. Unlike production planning and production logistics in SAP®, planning is thus operated on all available materials, labour and plant capacities.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS): The end-to-end production planning and scheduling instance in the domain of detailed planning

ORSOFT software solution apply a holistic end-to-end approach in supply chain management, hence firmly linking the rough planning with the detailed planning process. Thus, the S&OP master plan acts as a transfer point from rough planning to advanced planning & scheduling.

Smartly manage your stages of detailed scheduling

Extend your SAP® with the advanced planning and scheduling software "ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench" if

Lösungen & Konzepte
  • a just-in-time production regime (make to order) or a combined make to order / make to stock production is preferred over a “pure” make to stock
  • capital-intensive production processes dominate
  • competition for limited production capacities is very much present
  • multi-component/ingredient products are manufactured in complex production processes
  • frequent ad-hoc rescheduling determines the daily production process
Lösungen & Konzepte

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench: APS software for much more than simple scheduling

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench enables interactive multi-resource simultaneous planning as well as the possibility to simulate and optimise planning scenarios. Both dialogue-oriented, incremental improvements of plans through heuristics and algorithms as well as mathematical solver-based optimisation processes are applied. In addition to that, methods of artificial intelligence find use in the field of lights out/autonomous planning.

SAP-Add-On for advanced planning and scheduling | Advantages for your operational business processes:

Transparent customer communication

Always up-to-date and reliable statements on delivery times and determined prices through key figure-based online ATP and CTP checks – also across divisions, plants and companies

Profitable production plans

Through simulations, automatic planning algorithms and optimisation processes to the most profitable production plans and in line with strategic KPIs

Lights out planning: all influencing factors included

MRCP runs enable simultaneous planning of material, personnel and plant capacities as well as the autonomisation of planning processes

Focusing on the overall picture

Improve planning accuracy by using the detailed planning model for all planning levels

Tailored to your planning requirements

Numerous add-ons for customer-specific requirements such as production campaign planning, cascade planning for linking related orders or block planning for characteristic-based capacity reservation

Reactive scheduling

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), planning runs can be designed as an agile process that is open right to the last minute

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench | Your benefits at a glance:

  • Simple and intuitive handling of the software
  • A certified interface enables 100% integration into the SAP ERP environment
  • No parallel data storage through the use of nomenclatures and authorisation concepts of the superordinate SAP ERP
  • fully maintained expansion of SAP ERP without individual programming
  • Industry-specific solutions that simplify planning
  • Software architecture enabling customised and individual planning solutions
  • Simple implementation and noticeable ROI right after introduction

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