SCM software for specific applications in foundries and steel producers

SCM software for foundries, steel and cut optimization, and flexible packaging manufacturers

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench as a functional enhancement to SAP Industry Solutions, such as SAP IS Mill, covers several industry-specific business process requirements that are not fully covered by SAP SCM APO.

When there is the need for additional APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) functions in industry specific solutions e.g. in the paper or packaging industry or metal and steel production, add-on solutions like ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench provide a wide range of features.

These customers from mill products industry have already been won for SCM projects with ORSOFT:

Aluminiumschmelzwerk Oetinger GmbH | Edelmann GmbH | Elco AG | Mondi Gronau GmbH | NMC sa | Aluminiumschmelzwerk Oetinger GmbH | Edelmann GmbH | Elco AG | Mondi Gronau GmbH | NMC sa | Aluminiumschmelzwerk Oetinger GmbH | Edelmann GmbH | Elco AG | Mondi Gronau GmbH | NMC sa | Aluminiumschmelzwerk Oetinger GmbH | Edelmann GmbH | Elco AG | Mondi Gronau GmbH | NMC sa | 

User Experiences | Quotes from Users of our Software in the Mill Products Industry

Georg Fischer GmbH: "The project was fun. – It has been proven that the decision for ORSOFT was right." | Wipf AG: "The clear arrangement, logical handling and many additional functions help the planner." | Carl Edelmann GmbH: "Summary of requirements into optimal production batches." | Georg Fischer GmbH: "Because of the certified SAP ERP add-on there is no redundant data management." | Mondi Gronau GmbH: "Using ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench provides more time for the actual planning duties." | Ardagh Group: "Easy scheduling and simulation of orders. Reduced setup times in all departments." | Carl Edelmann GmbH: "Better degree of capacity utilization." | Georg Fischer GmbH: "Minimal hardware requirements; the solution runs on an off-the-shelf office PC." | Wipf AG: "Helpful for the planner to achieve optimal preconditions for production planning." | Mondi Gronau GmbH: "ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench leads to more planning efficiency." | Carl Edelmann GmbH: "More transparency leading to less short-term order modification." | Georg Fischer GmbH: "No server or separate data bases are required." | Mondi Gronau GmbH: "Transparency increased, stocks reduced, optimized demand planning" | Carl Edelmann GmbH: "Reduction of warehouse stockings (safety stockings)." | Ardagh Group: "Good overview on planning situation. Online view of planning on the production line." | Mondi Gronau GmbH: "ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench provides broad transparency and allows fast decision-making." | Carl Edelmann GmbH: "Hand-tight advantages via VMI for customers and for Edelmann." | 

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