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Software-aided stock optimisation: Planning the trade-off between high customer service and low inventory levels

A sustainable inventory management greatly impacts a company’s economic success. Thus, inventories directly affect a company’s working capital and – due to needed storage capacities – logistical expenses as well. For that reason, an inventory optimisation software is perfectly suited to improve stocks in a way that

  • demand expectations can be met at all times and the customer service can access to valid data for communication,
  • costs of common inventory issues such as backorders, overstocking, and stockouts can be reduced,
  • transparency across all storage locations is ensured and
  • dynamic safety stocks can be maintained.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench | Benefit from software-aided inventory optimisation


The real-time view of your inventory creates transparency about what you have and where it is in production and shipping

Cost savings

Fewer costs of working capital and lower direct operating costs of warehousing


Clarity about stocks enables optimal internal collaboration (sales, marketing,…) and with external partners in the supply chain process


A clear knowledge of inventories allow delivery times to be shortened, customer satisfaction to be improved and delivery costs to be reduced

Instruments of the ORSOFT inventory optimisation software

Holistic View on the Inventory Concept

Modelling cycle stock, safety stock, WIP (work-in-progress) inventory, prematerials, and in-transit inventories to get the entire inventory picture

Multi-Echelon Optimisation

Complete consideration of warehouse relations and their holistic optimisation

Inventory Simulations

Simulation-based stock scenarios may review planning to its performance and its fit to the inventory policies

Scenario Analysis

What-if simulations qualify planners to run strategic inventory scenarios and to identify important inventory drivers

Improving Service

Determining the optimal level of service to minimise costs, maximise profit and/or meet inventory budgets

Advanced Analytics

Artificial intelligence drives inventory planning to convert safety stocks to dynamic safety stocks

Central task of software-aided stock optimisation: Dynamic safety stock planning

As safety stocks comprise an essential share of a company’s fixed capital and cause considerable costs, balancing them according to stock and delivery requirements is of great importance. Constantly available checks and control mechanisms for the safety stock levels at the material and supply chain level contribute to remarkable improvements.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench analyses the orders and inventory situation across the entire supply chain. Alert mechanisms identify and indicate any non-compliance of the safety stock levels in terms of the company’s economic objectives.

The maintenance of static or dynamic safety stocks balances periodic fluctuations of:

  • delivery dates and quantities
  • quality of delivered / manufactured material
  • production dates and quantities
  • selling dates and sales volumes

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