Blending Optimization: the way toward profit-maximising production programs

Blending Optimization

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench (MWB): The central software tool for compound optimisation

Production within the process industry is very much characterised by the making and processing of blends. Within blending, intermediate as well as end products are produced from a number of input materials. The optimal use of the necessary raw ingredients determines the contribution margin of each order. And this needs to be maximised.

Blending optimisation: taking optimization opportunities while keeping within technical specifications of the compound formulations

The recipes of the blends to be produced often have minimum and maximum limits of individual specification parameters. Within the scope of blending optimisation, the aim is to utilise the scope given by these parameters in a cost-optimised manner. If different batches exist for each material and, in addition, a linear blending behaviour of the individual quality parameters is given, an optimal composition of the compound can be calculated. Finally, a process order can be created from the results of the blending simulation.

Various possibilities through the use of the blending simulation:

  • Option to temporarily save a blend as a simulation object
  • Comparison with automatically generated or other manually created simulations based on several key figures
  • Option for direct comparisons through graphs and tables
  • Simple write-back of a selected simulation into process orders

Blending Optimization | Features and tools of the ORSOFT planning solution

Use of mathematical optimisation models

  • Cost-optimised component list
  • Keep to a large number of additional restrictions
  • Consideration of a single blend or multiple orders in competition

Optional user configurations

  • Consideration of capacity restrictions
  • Preference for batches that have already been started (if necessary, also minimum consumption quantities)
  • Fixing of components
  • Limitation of the number of components

Blending Optimization with ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench (MWB) | Benefits and advantages of the software application at a glance

  • True optimisation based on an SAP ERP model: 100% integrated in SAP
  • Maximisation of the contribution margin for each order through optimal use of input materials
  • Simplification of operational planning, enabling an optimal purchasing strategy
  • The feasibility of customer requests can be checked at the push of a button; alternatives can be tested by varying the constraints
  • Possibility of manual modification of the model: by changing the target values, the planner recognises the consequences of his actions
  • Simulation mit Zielwerten (nach Optimierung) und nicht „trial & error“-Anpassung der Eingangsgrößen
  • Ergebnisausgabe als modifizierte Planaufträge, Prozess- oder Fertigungsaufträge
  • Aufzeigen von Alarmen bei dispositiven Beständen, Terminen und Kapazitäten
  • Beachtung zeitabhängiger Rohstoffpreise und Wechselkurse (Margenoptimierung)

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