Storage Tank Management in production environments

Shelf-Life-Management in the Chemical Industry

Storage tank and container planning as a critical part of production planning in the process industry

Production planning in the process industry follows decidedly process-oriented parameters, and is correspondingly challenging. In addition to clear process and product-related factors, market-driven aspects are increasingly playing an important role in optimising the scheduling process. The following points represent a lasting effect on the success of the scheduling procedure:

  • Ever shorter ordering cycles and (seasonally) fluctuating sales volumes
  • Limited shelf life of raw materials and intermediate products
  • Technologically induced product sequences, process and maturing times, integrated and coupled production and cleaning/set-up times
  • Technical restrictions such as minimum and maximum batch quantities as well as machine and tank capacitie

Storage tank and container planning: Monitor and plan complex tank and storage relationships

In terms of tank capacities, a distinction is made between single-product tanks, multi-product tanks (if several products can be stored in succession, these are referred to as multi-product or alternating tanks) and mixing tanks. The more varied the use of tanks, the more complex is their planning.

Storage tank and container management as integral part of production planning | Objectives of the planning solution

Efficient control of limited tank and container capacities

Optimal planning & scheduling of source and target tank utilisations through simultaneous consideration of material flows

Keeping an eye on cost drivers and taking countermeasures

Avoid expensive overstocks of products and semi-finished products with limited life span and unnecessary investments in tank and container capacities

ORSOFT storage tank planning: Provides modelling capabilities and functions for planning tanks and other capacity-restricted storage resources

  • Integration of tank capacities into production planning runs
  • Planning book for storage tank filling levels and their development allows to plan tank utilization by time horizon
  • Alerts on conflicts such as critical tank levels, invalid material combinations, incompatibilities, etc.
  • Tank allocation (suggestions for preferred tanks, automated tank allocation) and tank splitting (filling, emptying)
  • Different simulation options for tank utilisation planning
  • Elimination of data-related & functional deficits in SAP
  • Mapping of pipe systems (pumping routes) to comply with pumping regulations

Fully integrated in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

The solution is fully integrated into SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA and uses only master data and transaction data of SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. The use of the solution does not require separate hardware.

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