ORSOFT Supply Chain Software: Enabling Real-Time and End-To-End Planning

SCM software solutions

Orchestrating supply chains across all planning levels by means of SCM software

Planning levels within supply chain management (SCM) processes are often separated conceptually, in terms of personnel and software technology, and are rather organised hierarchically. Transitions from and feedback between the certain levels – tactical/strategic rough planning in the area of Sales & Operations Planning and detailed scheduling at the operational level – are often not sufficiently considered.

ORSOFT SCM software solutions | Modelling reality in real time and end-to-end:

ORSOFT supply chain software solutions model reality in real time and end-to-end. Based on the central ERP system – ORSOFT applies a certified SAP connector if needed – the SCM software create a digital twin of your supply chain. This enables the simulation of any kind of decisions published in the ERP, whenever a user wishes to do so.

We do not limit your supply chain to classic production processes

With the concept of horizontal integration, we include capacity constraints from QC/QA labs, maintenance activities, project constraints, etc. into the planning process. Process-orientation and cross-planning level modelling is the key to our supply chain management system software which adds real value to all your planning tasks.

Smart management along the planning instances

Tasks and functions of supply chain software

SCM software solutions
SCM software solutions

ORSOFT Supply Chain Software: Benefit from our expertise at all planning levels

Process Know-How | We model your SCM processes!

With SCM software, we orchestrate your supply chains as a digital twin and integrate all levels, both vertically and horizontally. ORSOFT links strategic/tactical with operational planning

Application Know-How | We vitalize software and create the digital factory!

For 30 years we have been developing successful SCM software solutions and advising our industrial customers (link to references). ORSOFT as an enabler of an efficient supply chain management

Industry Know-How | We master your industry-specific requirements!

Whether discrete manufacturing, process or series production (link to industries) or industry-specific applications – ORSOFT provides the solution: as a standard application or customization

Supply chain management system software | ORSOFT solutions

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench (EWB)

Integrated management process for planning and controlling the trade-off between demand and supply, including capacity restrictions as well as sales and financial strategic aspects and key figures. S&OP planning includes comprehensive tools for demand and supply planning as well as inventory optimisation.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench (MWB)

As a major task of detailed production scheduling, advanced planning & scheduling enables interactive multi-resource simultaneous planning based on all available materials, workforce and plant capacities. Thus, the tool allows for simulating and optimising complex planning scenarios

ORSOFT LabScheduling

Plan laboratory capacities as bottleneck relevant to production: By using ORSOFT LabScheduling, laboratories are planned in line with production scheduling and quality inspection processes of a company.

ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling

Detailed production scheduling in medium-sized companies or in smaller plant locations of large corporate groups is often managed through individual stand-alone solutions such as those based on Excel files. ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling allows to plan on synchronised real time company data. This enables to apply advanced planning and scheduling functionalities in the cloud.

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