Lights Out Planning (Autonomous Planning) of Production

Autonomous Planning & MRCP

The third major disruption in supply chain management: Touchless autonomisation of operational planning in SAP environments

Applying lights out planning (or so called autonomous planning) represents the third major disruption in supply chain management after ERP and advanced planning systems. The foundation is laid by the integrative end-to-end approach of planning:

Holistic modelling of the entire supply chain process

Intelligent crosslinking of all planning instances

Integration of a broad range of simulation and forecasting options

Only the holistic understanding of supply chains enables lights out planning / autonomisation of operational planning

Touchless autonomisation of operational planning has the overall aim to implement a system that operates autonomously under normal circumstances – under so called “happy flow” –, and that can automatically involve planners in certain events. The following constraints might be formulated, among others:

  • Automatic (iterative) interaction with SAP,
  • strong configurability of the data model,
  • automatic reaction to certain, freely configurable events and
  • the execution of functions on a separate application kernel, which enables the software to be operated even without logged-in users.

Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence: Enabler of autonomous planning

Thanks to the bidirectional real-time synchronization of master and transaction data in SAP, the plans created always match capacity at plant and material level. ORSOFT applies a complex MRCP (Material Resource Capacity Planning) run with finite capacities – meaning all planning runs are executed with limited available resources and without overloads – which is not available in SAP.

The initial trigger for planning autonomisation is based on the implemented and AI (artificial intelligence)-aided CTP (Capable to Promise) check – which interacts between the ORSOFT planning tool and the central SAP. Only in the event of trade-offs such as missing resources at material and capacity level, automated alerts are displayed and sent as an e-mail notification to the planner.

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