Edge.One: The PaaS platform as a central hub for the digital factory of tomorrow

Interaction and communication: get planning, quality management and the shop floor holistically connected

Edge.One has become the heading for next generation technologies within the Germanedge Group. The platform provides a modern framework in which software solutions of the entire group (in addition to ORSOFT, Gefasoft, QDA Solutions and New Solutions belong to the Germanedge Group), but also applications from third-party providers, can run and be output jointly, both on-premise and as a cloud application.

It is all about accessibility: central motivation to implement the cross-software PaaS platform

In order to take decisions better and faster, a work planner or production scheduler needs information about production or the quality level. A night shift supervisor needs statements about available stocks, customer orders and general planning information to reschedule production in the case of unforeseen events, etc. Systems which not only differ in their business side specification, but are also characterised by different operating concepts and designs (e.g. generate different printouts, etc) may result in hampering workflows.

Overcoming these barriers is the central approach of the cross-software platform Edge.One. Thanks to the platform, individual apps running on it can seamless connect and communicate with the central ERP systems. The certified SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA connector provides a further added value.

Edge.One: Integrated platform on microservice architecture

The domain model is based on ISA95, and is ready for Industry 4.0. EdgeOne is delivered in a scalable, customizable structure and is cloud agnostic – based on Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, eventually. We support all operating concepts: whether SaaS, renting from the cloud or operating it yourself, on-premises or as a hybrid concept. You can start using EdgeOne as soon as a cloud connection is available.

ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling: SaaS solution for production scheduling applied in the Edge.One environment

ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling allows companies to orchestrate planning conflicts between enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the operational manufacturing execution system (MES) in a performance-driven set-up. The PaaS solution thus raises transparency on production processes and the efficiency on their scheduling.

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