Demand Planning Software | Centrally embedded in the S&OP process

Demand Planning / Bedarfsplanung

Smart demand management software: Laying the groundwork for a successful business development

Demand planning is the holistic process to generate reliable demand forecasts based on ML (machine learning)-driven analyses of time series. In contrast to its initial specification, ORSOFT enables a collaborative approach, synchronising demand planning with budget (price planning), sales and rolling demand planning. The smart demand management software incorporates one-off and seasonal effects, special market influences and trends, the product life cycle (new product launches, product discontinuations) and price changes as well as competitor activities.

Demand planning as an elementary process of sales & operation planning (S&OP)

The consensus/master plan, as such fed with data from demand planning, supply planning and inventory optimisation is an essential tool to control production in the medium and short term. Following the philosophy of “acting instead of reacting”, the consolidated data from the consensus/master plan is cross-linked to detailed planning/advanced planning & scheduling.

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench: Demand planning software and its functional features

Configurable demand planning cockpit

Dashboard with overviews of manually or automatically calculated sales volume/sales value budget figures, sales histories, actual customer orders and versioned planning statuses

Demand forecasts through product lifecycle planning

Like-modelling enables the use of historical data for new planning objects, e.g. a predecessor product whose demand pattern is the very much the same or similar

Demand assessment and hierarchy

Aggregation and disaggregation of demands according to specific structures, e.g. distribution, regional or customer structures

Alert mechanisms for automated aggregation and checking of planning data

Alerts and automatic forecasting allows for efficient and fast processing of sales planning, e.g. in case of planning deviations from the previous month or in case of planning below the level of incoming sales orders

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench | Supplementary software elements to support demand planning

Advanced Analytics in Supply Chain Management

By applying numerous forecast models, algorithms, heuristics and through AI/ML, sales forecasting processes – thus an elementary part of demand planning – can be supported or even automated. Adjustable KPIs may enable the detailed presentation of promotions and special effects.

Product Lifecycle Planning

The product lifecycle management is driven by like-modelling (link: PLM) which allows the use of historical data for new planning objects, e.g. a predecessor product whose demand pattern is very much the same or similar to the planning object.

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