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SCM software solutions

Software for Sales and Operations Planning in SAP and other ERP environments

S&OP Software models and orchestrates the entire strategic-tactical rough planning process (S&OP process). As such, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) describes the cohesive, integrated, cross-functional and cyclical management for tactical planning and control of supply chains. Within the S&OP process, all operational areas – such as sales, marketing, product development, production, procurement, finance and accounting – are integrated to the planning run. Simply speaking, S&OP is about to harmonise demand with supply in order to holistically contribute to the overall financial and organisational goals of the organisation.

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench | Objectives of the S&OP software solution:

Creating transparency: focus on the big picture

Avoiding siloed information: consistently aligning department along corporate objectives

Customers, suppliers & KPIs: the entire workflow at a glance

Meet customer needs while taking the overall business strategy and bottleneck planning, and aligning them to your key performance indicators

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Agile management: better than reacting ad-hoc

Always stay focused on the entire planning process, run through simulations, plan scenarios and make smart decisions

High profitability: very general and with volatile markets in particular

A coherent and balanced plan stands for customer service, lowers inventory, reduces waste and helps align decisions with financial goals

Continuous controlling: feedback loops as a plan/actual comparison

The S&OP process enables the routine and systematic reporting and measurement of actual performance against plan

ORSOFT Product Bundle

The result counts: a feasible consensus/master plan

A management-driven consensus/master plan that is based on demand and supply planning for rolling transfer to the detailed planning/advanced planning & scheduling process.

Agile S&OP software for sales and operations planning

  • Modern software-based Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) with the ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench (EWB) allows ad-hoc planning – executable at any time. The software delivers planning results within shortest latencies. This enables completely new interactive, simulation-based planning and machine learning (ML) and AI-driven decision-making processes.
  • In addition to ad-hoc planning, the ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench enables autonomous alarm-based planning, following the rules of supply chain control towers. This allows autonomous planning of happy-flow processes. Only planning situations outside the defined restrictions are transferred to the planner.

Thanks to its agile approach, S&OP meetings can now take place on a valid data basis, even without firmly defined S&OP cycles. This allows a real-time monitoring of all changes and their effects on on-time delivery, value creation and budget at different hierarchical levels.

Smart management along the planning instances

Design your S&OP processes with the ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench (EWB):

S&OP Masterplan
  • Creating transparency along the entire supply chain process through cross-functional cooperation and consistent process orientation
  • Early detection of production bottlenecks and overcapacities
  • Anytime planning without any latencies – based on real-time and simulation data
  • Assuming demand, supply, capacity and inventory planning
  • Enabling strategic material and capacity simulation as well as reliable capacity balancing
  • Developing a consensus/master plan based on consolidated data from demand, supply and financial planning for final handover to the detailed planning process
S&OP Masterplan

Benefits from using the ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench (EWB) in the S&OP planning process

  • Bidirectional data transfer with SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA and other ERP systems
  • Linking operations and analytics: uniform and consistent figures. (KPIs) at all planning levels
  • Financial ratios always transparently available: Plans (and plan adjustments) can be simulated and prioritised at key figure level
  • Holistic planning approach: Horizontal and vertical process integration
  • Security through certified integration in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA using SAP user authentication

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench (EWB): Bidirectional feedback to and from Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Unlike many other S&OP software solutions, ORSOFT follows a holistic end-to-end approach of supply chain management. Within the planning process, the software considers interdependencies between sales & operations planning and advanced planning & scheduling and integrates them into the modelling.

Central tools of the ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench along the software-based S&OP process

Demand Planning

Demand planning serves the purpose of preparation, coordination and rolling update of sales planning data. The statistical forecasts generated from the data include a variety of parameters, such as one-shot sales events, demand fluctuations and new market trends. This data can be additionally enriched with information from the product life cycles as well as external economic or demographic influences and price changes. The result of Demand Planning is a demand plan.

Supply Planning

The task of supply planning is to plan trade-offs within customer service (such as demand coverage or delivery reliability) and against inventory and operating costs. Based on simulated capacity and resource/workspace planning, conflicts and constraints can be quickly identified, resolved, prioritised and integrated into customer communication. Supply planning leads to inventory projection over the entire time horizon. Initially, processes for inventory optimisation are also part of supply planning.

Inventory Optimization

Inventory optimization aims to manage conflicts between a high service level and the lowest possible inventory costs for relevant materials. The process may result in increased customer satisfaction/loyalty and turnover in the mid-term. A reduction in stock also increases liquidity, thus improving the return on assets (ROA) and the overall competitive position.

S&OP Master Plan

The consensus/master plan (also called the rough plan) is the final instance of the S&OP process. The capacity information planned consistently across all levels and reconciled in real time is qualified for transfer to the detailed planning process and finalised at management level. In addition to this, the consensus plan delivers valuable information for controlling sales processes and for customer management.

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