Material planning and strategic portfolio management: Ensuring long-term raw material availability

Material planning & portfolio management: Securing raw material availability in the long term

Optimizing complex processes of raw material procurement with ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench

As an integral tool of supply planning, raw material planning is used to manage planned orders, purchase requisitions and purchase orders as well as the associated quantity contracts.

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench | Your benefits from using raw material planning

  • Reduction of raw material costs through an overview of necessary demands in the long run
  • Optimal use of available raw materials
  • Creation of a “single point of truth” for network planning and contract management through an integrated planning approach

Strategic material simulation and portfolio management

While tactical planning solely operates within given materials and material classes, strategic material simulation allows to create additional materials / articles and material hierarchies on a mock-up basis. Strategic material simulation – a tool of the ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench – enables

  • simulative creation of additional materials
  • simulative modification of existing parts lists and formulations
  • planning utilising the added materials.

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