Consensus Planning: Consolidated information from rough cut planning

S&OP Masterplan

Finalisation of S&OP planning and transfer into advanced planning & scheduling (APS)

The consensus or master plan embodies results from rough cut planning – as such demand and supply planning. As the final instance of the S&OP process, it operates as transfer instance from strategic/tactical to operational planning.

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench: Holistic approach to rough cut planning

Rough cut planning with ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench goes beyond the classic concept of sales planning, which is geared solely to the collection of demand figures. Supported by analysis and simulation tools, demand and supply – as such generated from the S&OP run – are adjusted capacitively, checked against inventories and fine-tuned with detailed planning and scheduling. The planning runs might also be based on a complex multi-stage production process, a multi-layered supply network or make-or-buy decisions.

A clear objective ahead: A feasible consensus plan as a result of the entire S&OP run

The result of the rough-cut planning is a feasible consensus plan for all relevant production steps, expected inventory levels, purchase quantities (demand for raw material), resource utilisation, demand fulfilment and financial aspects, as well as production requirements (planned independent requirements or fixed planned orders). The consensus plan can be discussed in S&OP meetings, revised if necessary, and finally communicated to all business units and transferred to the process of andvanced planning & scheduling.

Consensus Planning | Your advantages in rough cut planning with ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench

Provision of consolidated information from the S&OP process

Possibilities for customer and demand management, long-term capacity adjustment (personnel and facilities) and supplier management

Analysis and optimisation of the entire supply chain network

Based on the overall demand situation, the entire supply chain network – from production plants and suppliers to distribution centres and customers – is analysed using heuristic and mathematical optimisation methods and procurement and relocation proposals are calculated

Holistic end-to-end planning instance

Seamless integration of hierarchy levels from strategic/tactical S&OP planning and advanced planning & scheduling

360-degree view to get the big picture

All-encompassing consideration and control of side-by-side business areas such as work force, maintenance and production planning as well as quality control

Enhanced transparency allows always focusing on the customer

Application of new processes not previously included to ERP or SCM planning concepts, such as capable to promise (CTP) and profitable to promise (PTP) checks straight from sales order entry

Flexibility of modelling: trade-off between accuracy and performance

Depending on the requirement profile, order-related consideration of logistical chains, the use of coarser models for complex data models/processes or hybrid modelling approaches

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench | Central rough cut planning tools

Material Planning & Portfolio Management

The planning and simulation tool allows to screen raw material costs based on long-term monitoring. This guarantees necessary demands to be minimised and available raw materials to be used in an optimal way. Due to the integrated planning approach, cross-linking to network planning and contract management is possible. Strategic material simulation enables planners to create additional materials / articles and material hierarchies by simulation.

Capable to Promise (CTP)

Capable-to-Promise (CTP) creates transparency for customer service and is intended for both internal and external communication. It is used to check new or unplanned customer orders against available capacities and inventories. All constraints such as availability of resources or lead times for self-produced or externally sourced intermediates are considered. The objective is to communicate a reliable delivery date based on finite production capacities, constraints caused by the current production environment and future order commitments.

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