SCM and Quality Management for the Food and Beverage Industry

SCM and Quality Management for the Food and Beverage Industry

In today’s business climate, in relation to planning solutions and quality management solutions, countless companies still operate in a kind of bubble. In many cases, they use several different vendors and those vendor’s products offer almost zero interaction with one another, which causes additional complications and challenges which can be eliminated with a better, more modern and seamlessly integrative solution.

In the spirit of the Digital Ecosystem, ORSOFT, working hand-in-hand in a partnership with QDA SOLUTIONS, integrate Supply Chain Management and quality management products to supply extraordinary added-value for our clients and their products and services in the food and beverage industry.

Some of the many potential touchpoints are listed hereafter:

  • ORSOFT LabScheduling for short and mid-term planning of lab activities and QDA LIMS for optimizing laboratory workflows, reducing manual effort and avoiding incorrect entries. Delays in labs can directly trigger feedback to detailed planners.
  • Contract manufacturers are often used to resolve capacity bottlenecks in production. Whether in bottling, packaging materials production, or flavor supply, customers expect consistent quality and trusted taste, even when production is outsourced. QDA SOLUTIONS’ digital supplier management ensures that all these processes are standardized and that the existing quality can be guaranteed.
  • The recall of products and the associated additional capacities required for rework represent a significant challenge in the area of sales & operations planning in the food industry. QDA SOLUTIONS’ product data traceability functionality simplifies access, provides flexible analysis and integrated action management to minimize errors, rework and warranty claims, and supply chain impact.

Are you interested in proven solutions for SCM and Quality Management for the food and beverage industry?

combined solutions: SCM and Quality Management
combined solutions: SCM and Quality Management
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