Holistic planning of operational supply chain networks

Network Distribution Planning

When manageable supply chains become complex supply chain networks

The typical production process of globally acting companies covers all five continents. Companies are thus confronted with complex decision processes regarding their operative supply chain networks. This includes the holistic and integrated planning of

  • different transport routes and their costs,
  • inter/intra-company outsourcing and redistribution of production and inventory capacities, and
  • material availabilities.

Planning complex network relations: When SAP reaches its limits

SAP ERP provides a bundle of basic transactions, e.g. for creating stock transfer orders or subcontract orders, managing freight forwarders, invoicing of activities, posting goods movements etc. However, the system may not be described as a planning/simulation tool to manage such complex network relations.

Planning operational supply chain networks with ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench is an advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system that is designed as an add-on to SAP ERP or S/4HANA. This tool exclusively uses master data and transactional data extracted from the central ERP. With its complementing planning algorithms for supply chain networks, the software qualifies itself as a valuable tool for supply chain managers:

Industry Solution Automotive
  • Transparent overview of the current situation of multisite factories
  • Monetary evaluation of the networking capital
  • Consideration of transport routes and costs
  • Planning of limited capacities including sub contracting
  • Consideration of stock- and requirement information of customers/suppliers within vendor managed inventory (VMI)
Industry Solution Automotive

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