SCM software for use in the high tech industry

Planning solutions for the high-tech industry

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench assists production processes in the high-tech and photovoltaic industry, based on SAP ERP. The output of solar cell production is defined by technical parameters of the selected production line, its training curve and the applied wafers quality.

Variable planning strategies are applied:

  • PUSH production for photovoltaic cells
  • Production orders with multiple final products (joint production)
  • PULL production for solar module manufacturing

These planning strategies result in a very complex task. Based on 5 production lines, 6 product groups and 10 suppliers, 300 production versions emerge per month. Over a period of 18 months, experience indicates the need for improvement strategies, as there are 5,400 production versions that have to be planned for a production period of 18 months. Furthermore, 50 % of those 5,400 production versions are changing within a month. A task that can hardly be solved by men.

With ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench, production orders are created in SAP ERP on the basis of a convolution table and the combination of finished goods, production line, applied wafer and production date. When creating the production order, the convolution table is loaded automatically in order to achieve a valid plan. The result is a partial output of up to 40 cells of varying quality and efficiency or up to 6 solar modules of varying capacity. The planning process creates a data object that represents a relatively accurate preview of the actual production output over 18 months. ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench supports procurement and sales departments – based on planning simulations, product availability can be determined as well as required amounts and types of material that need to be purchased by which dates.

Annemarie Kersten
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