Shelf-Life-Management in the Chemical Industry

Shelf-Life-Management in the Chemical Industry

Avoid inventory destructions and plan resources sustainably and ensure optimal readiness for use

The management of “shelf life expire dates (SLED)” may be a critical topic within complex chemical supply chains: Companies significantly differ in the types of raw materials used and their composition, but also in their target industries and the final applications of the products. From a system point of view, SLED to raw materials, preliminary and intermediate products are assigned as follows, among others:

  • Incoming goods inspection incl. data collection for perishable natural products and fine chemicals
  • Analytical methods within continuous stability testing and testing for active substance contents of stocks

Hence, commercial and sustainability aspects play the most important role when considering SLED: Therefore, it is imperative to avoid write-offs on raw materials or end products.

Shelf-Life-Management in der chemischen Industrie

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench | Shelf-Life-Management within the scope of software-aided supply chain execution / production planning

Using a holistic view on SLED on the object level of the respective requirements and stock list as well as its demand-dependent simulated derecognition of quantities threatened by expiry, the application of the “Shelf Life” module from the ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench results in the following added values:

  • Integrated warning system informs about expiry of material stocks and enables timely disposition
  • Any change within the simulation indicates the impact on products used and threatened by SLED
  • Real-time accurate ATP statements
  • Cost-optimised inventory planning through an overview of materials / batches close to the expiration date
  • Indication of an over-early production to avoid excessive stockpiling of semi-finished and finished products.
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