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Industry 4.0

GEFASOFTNew SolutionsQDA Solutions, and ORSOFT are successful partners for ProductionSupply ChainQuality in the Industrie 4.0 context. Together as Germanedge they provide a complete Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution: international, cross-plant, maximum efficient.

Germanedge helps you to shape the future of your business now. With our innovative technologies, Germanedge develops software solutions for Industry 4.0 that enable the customers to produce more intelligently, more flexibly, and more sustainably. Maximum efficiency at all times and at every point of production.

ORSOFT has been part of the Germanedge Group since 2018. ORSOFT solutions (ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench, ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench, ORSOFT LabScheduling) are part of Germanedge’s portfolio.

By increasing the productivity of digital production in all application areas, Germanedge enables national and global competitive advantages – as well as the tools for survival in the digital future. The broad product portfolio of Germanedge encompasses, among others, the following areas:

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)
  • Advanced Quality Management (AQM)
  • Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)


The power of 4 companies

Power von 4 Unternehmen


With it´s Edge.One platform, Germanedge offers a platform architecture designed specifically for production. It enables our client companies to implement their digital strategy across multiple plants and internationally – intuitively, scalably, and according to the state of the art, all from a single source.

Edge.One integrates all software products from the Germanedge product providers GEFASOFT, New Solutions, ORSOFT, QDA SOLUTIONS and also from third parties. Edge.One integrates the software in a unified production workplace, which not only offers a large amount of information, but also has a state-of-the-art user interface that makes it easy for the user to work with the software.

Germanedge im Überblick

  • 120+ years of joint experience (30 years per company)
  • Hundred of years in product development
  • 300+ employees
  • Significant ecosystem (40+ countries)
  • 600+ active customer

Germanedge and the ISA-95 Framework

ISA-95 is the international standard for the integration of business and control systems. By using this standard, a company-wide perspective can be given to system integration, allowing you to carry out thousands of actions and data collections and summarize them in an understandable framework. It focuses on activities and is intended to define and integrate activities between business and ERP on the one hand and MES, MOM and operations management on the other hand.

The ISA-95 model can be used to determine which information needs to be exchanged between systems for sales, finance and logistics, and systems for production, maintenance and quality. The ISA-95 standard can be used for various purposes, for example as a guideline for defining user requirements, for the selection of MES suppliers or as a basis for the development of MES systems and databases.

ISA-95 5 Ebenen
ISA-95 5 Ebenen

The ISA-95 Framework consists of 5 levels:

  • Level 0: The actual physical processes.
  • Level 1: Detection and manipulation of the physical processes.
  • Level 2: Monitoring and controlling the physical processes.
  • Level 3: The workflow to produce the desired end products.
  • Level 4: Business-related activities required to manage a manufacturing business
ISA-95 5 Ebenen
ISA-95 5 Ebenen

The Germanedge Group is mainly in level 3 of this complete framework. By working with all 4 companies, each with its own additional specialties, Germanedge can fill in the complete picture of level 3 and can offer a very extensive product.

ISA-95 Functional Enterprise-Control

Germanedge is creating the future of connected production today, unleashing the potential of MOM, IIoT and Industry 4.0.

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