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Supply Chain Risk Radar

Continuous software-aided risk management for making just-in-time supply chain relations more resilient

There is nothing more critical in just-in-time supply chains than the failure or delay of deliveries. In addition to strategic adjustments on the design of just-in-time supply networks, the implementation of a supplier risk management software enables a comprehensive risk assessment at a tactical/operating level. A 360-degree view on the entire supply chain allows it to win back headroom for proactive actions and to create a practical dashboard system to monitor the supplier performance transparently. This, in turn, may lead to better results for all your supply chain partners and – most important of all – your customers.

The ORSOFT supplier risk management tool analyses complex SAP ERP data sets to answer the following questions:

  • How many of the supplied components I, II, III etc. are needed to serve a customer request with quantity X, Y, Z etc. of a finished product?
  • And how much of these components do I have in stock for these finished products?

Benefits of using the ORSOFT supplier risk management software: A shortage-oriented 360-degree view on the entire supply chain.

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Transparent customer communication

The quick and easy provision of alternative scenarios in the case of shortages enables a solution-oriented communication and an option for common solutions with customers

Planning suppliers as bottlenecks

The qualification of suppliers and their delivery performance as a potential bottleneck (in addition to constraint-based planning of the company’s own (production) capacities) create completely new planning options

Provision of feasible alternative plans

Identified shortages can be evaluated holistically in order to initiate suitable countermeasures such as reallocation of production quantities, reallocation of shortages with regard to one or more components from other customer orders or another product group, an accepted later delivery on a promised date, or partial deliveries

Integrated monitoring of shortages

Consideration of all relevant direct and indirect – e.g. through preliminary and intermediate products – external purchases

What’s the actual working principle of the supplier risk management software?

The initial point and trigger of the real-time data analysis is based on the customer requirements arising from the SAP objects “sales orders” (what has the customer requested from us?) or “already scheduled production orders” (what do we want to produce for the customer in a period X?). Starting from the orders, a bill of material breakdown is created from which the required component quantities can be derived.

The supplier risk management tool adds a useful transparency feature to our advanced planning software (APS) ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench, enabling an overall improved planning reliability for customers. Thus, planning and countermeasures can be initiated immediately based on the information provided by the software.

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