Digital Planning Board for On-Premise- and Cloud Application

Web-enabled / SaaS-ready Detailed Scheduling Software

ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling raises transparency and inputs efficiency to your digital detailed scheduling process

The SaaS-ready planning board software ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling allows companies to orchestrate planning conflicts between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the operational Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in a performance-driven set-up.

Detailed production planning is often managed through individual stand-alone solutions such as those based on Excel files. Hence, the information is often only available asynchronously and not in real time and is neither horizontally nor vertically integrated into the central ERP system. Digital Factory Scheduling from ORSOFT offers an innovative new solution to this problem.

User-optimised digital planning board:

Intuitive and simple operation

User-friendly surfce through predefined templates

Easy to implement and quick to roll out

Modern platform-based SaaS solution

Application on-premise or in the cloud

Interfaces open to all ERP solutions | Certified SAP connector

ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to design detailed scheduling processes efficiently and to achieve sustainable cost reductions

With the pioneering digital planning board, state-of-the-art technologies from the field of AI and machine learning take their way into the planning process and enable planners to make the correct decisions. In addition to conflict-alerts for material allocation, capacity utilisation and delivery reliability, algorithms particularly ensure that the best solution is preferred over all possible ones. Suggestions for minimising stock levels, maintaining delivery reliability or minimising production costs are further key indicators for an optimized entire planning process.

Alert functionalities generated by the system may also be combined with predefined planning algorithms. Thus, default plans which are automatically generated by the system through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can be evaluated and hence be activated by the planner.

Digital planning board as on-premise or cloud application

Digital detailed scheduling | Product features of ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling:

ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling
  • Smart web application with attractive UI/UX and clear dashboard functionalities
  • Central and transparent real-time presentation of the actual and planned situation within production
  • Efficiency through throughput time optimisations and reduction of capital commitment costs
  • Simulation of ERP master and transaction data for a KPI-optimized assessment of resource and time conflicts
  • Easy resource allocation with Gantt charts
  • Finite planning horizon include resource limitations
  • Optimised conflict resolution algorithms through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  • Possibility of ad-hoc rescheduling based on simulation scenarios
  • Perfect complement to your existing ERP system
ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling

PaaS Platform Edge.One: Forming the foundation of ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling and the digital factory

Edge.One has become a milestone for next generation technologies within the Germanedge Group. The objective of the platform is to provide a modern framework in which the group’s products can run and deployed jointly – both on-premise and as cloud applications – and more importantly, to communicate and interact with each other. A significant benefit is its easy accessibility, enabling simple data interaction of all applications running on the platform as well as with the central ERP. The interface is open to all ERP systems. A certified SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA connector allows for simple integration into the infrastructure of the leading ERP system.

By using the software, you benefit from the expertise of numerous customisation projects in the field of advanced planning & scheduling (ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench), while at the same profiting from easy integration through intelligent standardisation.

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