Software for Available to Promise (ATP) checks in SAP® environments

Available to Promise (ATP)

The integrated summary for material availability: always online and in real time

Available to promise (ATP) is a powerful software tool for operative material planning and thus part of the initial advanced planning & scheduling process. During Online-ATP, all pegged requirements, e.g. production/process orders, planned independent requirements, dependent requirements, and simulated objects are checked individually with regard to the availability of necessary materials. All material levels – from finished products and intermediate products to individual components and raw materials – are considered, even on a multilevel basis.

The result: A global key metric for material availability

Available to Promise (ATP) is a complex material flow which is based on descriptive analysis tools (the “what happened?” question). A software-driven Online-ATP results in a key metric for the feasibility of planned orders under material and raw material aspects. The ATP is available for each simulated object or SAP object as a ratio from 0 – 100%.

The big plus factor with ORSOFT: The software tool for ATP provides the number online and in real time at any time. The ratio dynamically adapts to changes and simulations within production plans. In addition, you can branch directly to the detailed view to easily determine the corresponding bottleneck of each object.

Advanced interpretation of available to promise

ORSOFT defines available to promise in a more advanced way compared to other software providers. Not least, helpful extensions such as postponement notes and orange ATP are integrated into the modelling approach.

Postponement note

Material is not available, but a postponement of x days could make material available

Orange ATP

Material is not available, but a new supply chain can still be created until the production date

Perfect customer service through simulated material and capacity checks

Capable to promise (CTP), in turn, is much more aligned to customer communication. Its simplest modelling allows to determine the earliest possible lead times for new customer demands as the calculation happens based on the current production plan.

In addition to material availability, restrictions due to production capacities are also included in the simulation run. This provides order processing on several scenario levels.

While available to promise focuses on the question “Are there all the required (pre-)products available at the start of production?”, capable to promise (CTP) is about “When or under what conditions can I serve a customer order?”.

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