Digital Twin - planning in real time and across all planning levels

Digital Twin - planning in real time and across all planning levels

Modelling an internal data structure based on information from SAP ERP and further tools

Seamless integration into SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA is a unique feature of all ORSOFT software applications. The integration is facilitated through a certified SAP SE interface, whereas master and transaction data from the modules PP, PP/PI, PM, PS, QM, MM, SD are read and transformed into an internal data structure – the so called digital twin – on which simulation and planning is carried out.

Digital Twin: Comprehensive and interfaced view to all SAP modules and complementary software solutions

A huge range of visualisation options allow to get a comprehensive picture of the overall situation and to quickly recognise cross-correlations – a clear advantage over SAP ERP, which is structured transactionally.

After planning has been done, the results are written back into the SAP ERP – triggered by the user. During this process, SAP ERP is not only used like a database, but the planning solution is integrated into the entire business processes of the ERP itself. Thus, data objects are transformed, integrative processing steps are triggered, releases are issued and data is supplemented and changed. This process integration is an important feature compared to classic interface technologies.

The digital twin bursts boundaries between the planning levels and production execution

Every change made in a subsystem or the SAP ERP affects the digital twin in real time, having adaptions immediately considered for planning. Feedback from production and quality control have an influence on operational planning and available stocks. In addition to this, effects on cross-plant medium-term planning are checked simultaneously, a mandatory requirement to plan and control the entire supply chain with ever shorter response times.

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