Enhanced Missing Parts List

ORSOFT introduces a solution that supports the buyer's work in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA with the transaction C024 "Missing Parts List" through enhancing the functionality of and making improvements to the application.

Most Important Features

Prioritization by sales in jeopardy: The buyer sees how much sales would be lost through a missing part and which customers would be affected.

Dynamic Pegging: In contrast to a simple list of missing parts, the entire production chain (the entire production tree) is calculated over all levels of production leading up to the end product.

Simulation: The buyer can test how much sales would be won or which customers could be satisfied if s/he could receive partial deliveries.

Operation Improvement: The buyer's work is made easier, since

  • s/he sees all information in one view,
  • s/he can jump from the missing parts list to the corresponding SAP transaction, and
  • the calculation takes place quickly (using a small APS system).

Gaining an Overview: Using the technologies installed in the process, a tree originating from the customer order can be spread out over all levels of the production process, in which you see which parts are missing for every customer order.

Quick Implementation: The solution can be added to an existing SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system within a few hours. In this process, the existing SAP infrastructure is used; no additional infrastructure is necessary. The solution can be bought or rented.

Enhanced Missing Parts List to Support the Buyer

Starting business activity leads a number of companies to a situation where deliveries cannot run punctually. Buyers must find a way to prioritize the many missing parts. For the priority missing parts, buyers must know on which partial delivery the parts should be found and which delivery delays they can accept. The goal here is to supply at least the most important customer orders on schedule.

The enhanced missing parts list summarizes information for the missing part, the affected orders over all levels of the logistical chain and the last affected customer requirements. In this process, the missing part's ramifications are traced over the entire logistical chain, so that it is possible to make helpful statements about quantities – and therefore sales – in jeopardy.

Adding Value to the Missing Parts List in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA

In SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA, the transaction C024 is available which lists the missing parts. This includes information about missing parts and the directly affected orders.

Extending beyond this functionality, the expanded missing parts list offers additional support for prioritization (information regarding customer demands, sales, etc. in jeopardy) and for solving conflicts (information regarding time range, estimation of the effect of partial deliveries, etc.) through its consideration of the entire logistical chain. However, references to supplier and customer information are also included.

Hence, the buyer has all relevant information summarized in a single interface.