Production planning and scheduling in the metal production industry is characterized by a high grade of specific requirements. There are several specialized Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Systems available, which assist the planner in resolving certain tasks. For example, support can be provided for the production of secondary metal or the detailed production planning of foundries. These solutions are mostly stand-alone systems that cannot be integrated in the company's ERP system due to the separate database used. Hence, redundant data management is required.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench fills this gap. Based on the master and dynamic data of SAP ERP or, SAP ECC accordingly, this solution proposes a set of specialized APS solution modules which are of particular interest for the metal production industry.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench is a software solution for detailed production planning and is certified by SAP. This software product offers the following functions:

  • Resource allocation planning for furnaces
    • Consider all related resources and their availability, including handling units and other tools used in production
    • Consideration of dynamic set up costs
  • Burden calculation on homogeneous raw materials
    • Calculation of Bill of Materials (BOM) to a certain finished product (or customer specification) by minimizing the raw material costs
    • Consideration of other constraints (thresholds, limitation of BOM items, etc.)
  • Support make-to-stock production and make-to-order production
  • Consideration of productions tools, such as molds, in foundries