Maintenance Planning

WFM++ as a Maintenance Planning Instrument

Workforce Management ++

Planning objects from the SAP ERP module PM and CS if applicable are loaded, visualized, merged, interpreted, and tentatively changed as copies in a temporary LiveCache, then written back to the source system SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA.

Graphical Planning Board with Flexible Data Browsers

The planning board serves as a graphical SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA user interface for some functionalities (creation and modification of data objects) and an opportunity to show the resource usage and scheduling consequences of changing data objects. In particular, simulated data objects can also be created and judged with regard to their technological and deadline-specific acceptability before being written back to the SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system.

A Database – Various Interpretations and Visualizations

The master data from SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system and/or the data simulated in the Add-On form a unified database, which allows the data to be interpreted in various ways. For example, the capacity of a group or personal work center can be portrayed as a resource (Gantt chart) or as a histogram. For every work center, order and operation lists can be generated, imported to Excel and printed out.

Maintenance Planning

The orders from inspection and maintenance planning are summarized according to various criteria (priority, maintenance group, location etc.). The implementation of measures is planned with respect to deadlines and the capacity of available personnel resources. At the same time, material and equipment availability can be checked (ATP). In the process, strategic tasks (estimating how many additional services must be bought) can be managed.

Maintenance Management

With WFM++ IH-P, maintenance orders are stored by deadlines and capacity, and personnel drops can be compensated for without a problem through re-planning. Rescheduling on the basis of late replacement part deliveries is just as easy to manage as order surveillance and instigation (creation) of new maintenance orders.

Maintenance Reporting

Capacity workload and work time accounts are standard and can be issued directly in Excel.