Steel and Cutting Optimization

With the in-memory based ORSOFT solution for cutting optimization as an add-on to SAP ERP, steel distributors can check for ATP (quantity and desired or higher quality being on stock), CTP (available to cut or to make ready) and PTP (is the result commercially profitable) in real time. The optimum result will be calculated based on the target definition set in the program. The target definition includes timely delivery and reduction of production cost, which depends on the cutting cost, amount of waste (material value) and the cutting duration. Additionally, prioritization settings considering batch expiration are possible.

Results are determined based on the total cost function. Thus, production costs are reduced and planning security of the production is increased. As an additional and important benefit, customer relations improve due to the solutions' full integration, which allows executing during the process of order taking. When the cutting optimization has been completed, reliable delivery dates can be confirmed directly via telephone.