APS - Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Plan Better in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

The production and logistics planning in ERP systems, such as SAP ERP PP, uses the MRP-II method and requires material demands and capacity planning to be separated. ERP systems are transaction-orientated.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench follows the principles of advanced planning and scheduling and offers interactive, simultaneous multi-resource planning, allowing planning scenarios to be simulated and optimized.

Both dialogue-orientated, gradual improvements of plans using heuristics and algorithms and mathematical solver-based optimization processes are used.

ORSOFT's APS software solutions are based on a standard system with a user-specific shell that is the basis for tailored, individual planning solutions. These individual solutions will be fully maintained within the user shell.

More than Classical Scheduling

Solutions based on ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench are not only used as an APS system or control stations. Existing SAP processes are replaced by online ATP and CTP tests – based on key performance indicators – at the click of a button directly from SAP transactions. In this way, users immediately receive current and reliable statements concerning delivery dates and prices directly during the sales process without having to know or operate the software.

Additional solutions are e.g. the blend optimization in foundries or the leveling and smoothing in series production. Common to all solutions is the improvement of specific processes and fulfillment of company objectives within the production planning process based on an established functional range.

Today, the system is used in nearly all industries – whether the processing or the manufacturing industry.