Basic Functions

With the Demand & Capacity Cockpit of ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench, data from SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA can easily be modified algorithmically. Demands can be summarized with respect to regional, sales and customer structures. That way, planned values can be adjusted with regard to the operational status of customer sales orders or actual sales figures. Planning personnel can simulate data modifications with the possibility of checking for the potential impact. Annual target demands can be edited and allocated throughout the year automatically according to specific strategies (monthly, quarterly or seasonal).

In order to facilitate planning and scheduling of many materials, algorithms of the Demand & Capacity Cockpit are configurable within the customizing. According to the customers experience and requirements, existing and proved algorithms can easily be integrated with the software.

Alongside the latest sales figures, replenishment planning additionally requires editing the demand figures in the customer's ERP, e.g. vendor managed inventory or sales organization. Thus, validation of planning results and control of bottlenecks in the supply chain are improved.

The solution assists sales planning with a better overview, simulation capabilities and time savings. Additionally, MS Excel-based planning is no longer required and a high degree of manual effort is considerably reduced. ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench can easily be integrated with the existing SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA.

Demand and Capacity Cockpit - Scope of Functions

  • Latest sales planning figures (manual)
  • Latest sales planning figures (automatically calculated)
  • Sales planning figures of previous month
  • Present customer orders
  • Conversion of sales planning figures into revenue

The cockpit can be enhanced with individual planning information that allows integrated sales and production planning (SOP).

  • Current inventory figures
  • Already planned inbound and outbound
  • Active planned independent requirements (sales planning of previous month) at material level
  • KPI key performance indicators


Demand Chart
Demand Chart