EWB | Demand Planning

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench

In terms of demand and rough-cut planning, ORSOFT follows an integrative approach by linking processes of detailed scheduling, rough-cut and sales planning. Information is gathered over all planning levels and clearly displayed via cockpits and views. Thus, the solution provides a wider scale of function than the classical approach of sales planning that mainly concentrates on the acquisition of demand data.

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench | Demand Planning is the right tool for such an integrative planning process. It allows an early valuation of the sales forecast in terms of capacitive feasibility, even in cases of complex multi-step production and supply networks.

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench – Cockpit Roughcut Planning
ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench – Cockpit Roughcut Planning

Based on the logistical planning model, material and planning data is displayed over a selectable period within especially customized views, cockpits and planning books. Thus, planning personnel gains a vast overview of the entire planning situation.

These interface elements allow users to directly modify requirement figures. Data can be added, altered or deleted; production orders, which are the basis of intermediate planning, can be verified online regarding their feasibility.

Every aggregated information (e.g. summarized monthly demand) is based on the accessible list of the detailed data objects in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA (rolling forecast, customer order etc.).

When planning a promotional or tender business, simulated process orders help to check for feasibility and impact on already scheduled customer orders.