Manufacturing Execution

MES Concept

MES concepts are defined by their functional scope and data management. ORSOFT shares the philosophy that a majority of data which is currently managed within MES should be stored in SAP-ERP-modules, such as PM, QM, PP, PP-PI, MM etc. ORSOFT solutions collect data from different modules and provide users with unified overviews and scheduling functions. After being modified, planning data will be committed to the adequate SAP-modules.

ORSOFT Add-ons endorse the leading SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA system with functions that simplify process response and scheduling and optimization of resource allocation. ORSOFT also integrates standard components of third parties (PCS) with the system.


Shop floor managers consider MES the entire available IT support for centralized and local operating production offices. Central operations offices are responsible for detailed scheduling and material disposition over a period of several months  and the evaluation of historical production data as well as future demands.

Local operations need information regarding materials, packaging, inspection lots, internal stock occupancy, handling units, plant status, storage management (future tank allocation), fire load/ power load / waste water / emissions, BOM-handling, work instructions, shift logs and detailed scheduling tasks some weeks in advance.

Taking this context in consideration, MES requires a considerable amount of data management for several SAP-modules that ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench accomplishes.

MES Add-on

The MES add-on is an enhancement of existing SAP-installations, that

  • unites, visualizes, interprets and aggregates data from different SAP-modules, SAP-systems or third party systems
  • provides detailed scheduling functionality and overviews of joint supply chains
  • supports simulated data modification and checking for consequences
  • promptly commits modified data to SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA
  • can go live within a week if the standard package is applied
  • is customizable to individual processes