Optimized capacity utilisation in production with the aid of a smart software tool

Optimale Kapazitätsauslastung in der Produktion mittels smarter Softwareanwendung

Effective utilisation of resources: Identifying available production potentials and plan them holistically

Who is not affected by intensified global competition with simultaneously increasing cost pressure and their necessities resulting thereof? Optimal capacity utilisation in production is thus seriously required to effectively counter this market behaviour. In order to act smartly and efficiently in this regard, an overview of free production potentials and a know-how about how to exploit them is needed.

The challenge in achieving optimal capacity utilisation in production is to simultaneously overview and control all restrictions in production and all planning-relevant resources – especially with regard to bottleneck resources – during the process of production optimisation.

Effective utilisation of resources with ORSOFT Potential Production

Starting from a pre-defined resource, a special algorithm is used to extract all products that can be produced on the chosen resource. As an aspiration, all quantities from a certain product that could be produced with the free capacity are calculated. This planning run also includes pre-products.

In this way, and based on the current production plan, the planner receives
  • concrete suggestions about which further logistical chains could still be planned in terms of capacity and
  • an overview about all customers of the product, which he/she can transmit to the sales department.

Based on this valuable information, the sales department can check for larger or additional orders as well as earlier delivery dates for this product. This avoids idle time and increases profitability.

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