ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench – Your end-to-end supply chain platform

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench is a modular platform for E2E supply chain management and supports our customers in the planning of new locations, through demand capture to purchasing planning, as well as the reconciliation of demand and supply quantities.

In doing so, ORSOFT relies on a unified model of these planning areas. Any changes to the data objects are automatically communicated to all other levels.

ORSOFT's proven best practice process follows a rolling volume and financial plan that includes product portfolio, demand and supply. The horizon can be set industry-specific, for instance an expression for pharma can cover up to 10 years.

Companies, supported by the Enterprise Workbench, can focus early on potential gaps in company performance against targets, business plans, goals and strategic plans.

While manual planning actions were often common in the past, ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench aims to automate and digitize supply chain management. Machine Learning and the use of Artificial Intelligence are essential components of the solution to prepare user decisions by automatically creating scenarios or recommendations for action.

The modules of the ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench at a glance


Strategical Planning / Sales & Operations Planning

  • Enables What-If analysis before investing in new production sites, machines or products and the possible impact on the entire logistics chain

Demand Planning

  • Demand Capture
  • Demand Sensing using Machine Learning

Inventory Optimization

  • Dynamic checking of safety stock levels and lot sizes, taking into account the current demand situation

Network Demand and Inventory Balancing

  • Multi-echolon optimization for simulative coverage of forecast figures across the entire production network
  • Make-or-buy decision, as well as subcontracting or use of different transportation options are included in the consideration

Purchasing Planning

  • Long-term Planning for sourcing & trading and raw material purchasing in order to guarantee a long-term availability of products and the optimal price at vendors